I just stopped in at pay n save (gas station in alba Texas) and bought the pecan brittle and I do have to say
That is by far the best darn brittle I have had in my life its soooo great that one bag was gone in couple mins.lol. Def. Be buying more.. !!! It took q few mins for Tess to convince me to buy it at that price.. Boy, am I glad she did….

My husband was in Colorado and found your original ripple cut beef jerky. He loves them!


To those at Dusty’s Meat Snacks,

I would like to commend you on the best tasting snack stick I have ever tasted. It was full of flavor and not grease/oil when bitten into like your competitors. … Your products are still the best I have found and will continue to purchase them … The quality and taste are top notch in my book.

Thank you,
A Big Fan
Robert Montoya